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Holiday Magazine n°381 - Holiday Magazine...

After a journey to Denmark,  Holiday Magazine  heads to Israel-or, more specifically, Jerusalem. We sent the photographers Alasdair McLellan, Hill & Aubrey and Tom Johnson off to wander the millenary alleys of the thrice-holy city. Their perspectives are supplemented by images viewed through the lens of Josh Olins, Olivier Kervern, Mark Peckmezian, Philippe Lacombe-and Matthieu Salvaing, who captures the European-Ottoman allure of the American Colony hotel. On the writing front, Thomas Chatterton Williams pens his first impressions of a city that is a world unto itself; Anthony Van Den Bossche tells the strange story of the immovable ladder at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Arthur Dreyfus investigates the mysteries of Jerusalem syndrome, and François Blet discusses history and food with the eminent historian Vincent Lemire and the chef Eyal Shani respectively. And Pamela Fiori, a contributor to the original  Holiday  back in the 1960s, details her memories of the golden age of a magazine that has retained its free and hedonistic ethos. PHOTOGRAPHY :Trees and Flowers, 1948. Photograph by Lewis Larson / Matson Photo Service
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Holiday Magazine n°380 - Holiday Magazine...

After a foray into California, Holiday Magazine heads north to Denmark. Mario Testino explores the enigmatic appeal of Scandinavian beauty; Inez and Vinoodh photograph a pastoral reverie and Olivier Kervern a handful of local high spots, while Edie Campbell faces Daragh Soden's lens on the most Danish island of them all. Also on these pages: images by Gregory Harris, Collier Schorr, Lachlan Bailey, Philippe Lacombe and Suffo Moncloa. On the writing front, novelist Tanguy Viel pens his impressions of a trip to Copenhagen and Elsinore; Philippe Azoury reminisces about the birth of Dogme 95; François Blet talks TV and cooking with Adam Price, the writer of  Borgen ; Alice Cavanagh and Jéromine Savignon resuscitate Karen Blixen and Gunnar Larsen, Paul-Henry Bizon describes the beauty of the Louisiana museum, and Nicolas Zeisler tells the story of Lego. Last but not least, Arthur Dreyfus gets into conversation with Anna Karina, the patron saint of a  Holiday  so infused with  hygge  that it gives a whole new meaning to hedonism. PHOTOGRAPHY : DREAM ALONG by Olivier Kervern for Holiday N°380
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Holiday Magazine n°379 - California Issue

After Korea,  Holiday  ventures across the Pacific Ocean to California to discover what truths lay under the glare of its mythical aura. Bruce Weber trains his lens on the cowboy culture of the West; “Vie Privee" showcases photos of Kelly Rohrbach by Inez & Vinoodh; Matthieu Salvaing captures the classical architecture of the Getty Villa; and Clare Richardson styles a shoot by Lachlan Bailey. Photographs by Roe Ethridge, Olivier Kervern, Greg Harris, and Suffo Moncloa are also featured. Joan Didion's “Notes from a Native Daughter" returns to the pages of  Holiday  as relevant today as it was when it was first published over fifty years ago. Legendary film producer Art Linson fondly remembers growing up at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood; Christopher Simon Sykes illuminates David Hockney's early days in LA; Charlotte Cotton speaks to photographer Bruce Davidson; model Edie Campbell imagines a sinister and haunting Los Angeles; and Marie Eugene journeys to the Salton Sea. Culinary icon Alice Waters converses with Daniel de La Falaise; writer Cody Delistraty seeks New Age enlightenment on the cliffs of Big Sur; François Blet gets lost in San Francisco's alleys; and a secret beach town is the setting for a piece of new fiction by guest-editor Molly de La Falaise.  PHOTOGRAPHY : Los Angeles, 1966 Bruce Davidson / Magnum Photos
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Il Pellicano - Tuscan Paradise

Private getaway resort of screen icons    Il Pellicano became the stage set of numerous parties, where at any time one could find the Fendi sisters drunk at the poolside on a sunny afternoon, while next to them Jurgen Teller photographed the latest runway favorite, spreading herself half-naked and tan over a chaise longue in Prada sunglasses and nursing a gin and tonic, hinting at the sultry revelry of the evening to come.   It was a Tuscan farmhouse converted into the most coveted and stylish resort of the 60’s,  visited by Fendi, Missoni, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy… It embodied doubly the world of la dolce vita and la vie bohème, a place to which luxury and beauty were the passports   Legendary photographers Slim Aarons, John Swope and Juergen Teller are among those to have made pilgrimages to this secluded cliffside resort; the charmed existence of the establishment's residents has been immortalized through their lenses. Photography : Slim Aarons 
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LGR x ÉDITIONS M.R - Sunglasses

Editions M.R works with the italian glasses brand LGR to create a sunglasses collection inspired by the french coast. Discover the sunglasses collection
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Holiday Magazine n°378 - South Korea Issue

 After Argentina,  Holiday  has chosen to devote its pages to the wonders of South Korea. While photographers Nigel Shafran, Jamie Hawkesworth Karim Sadli, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen, Robi Rodriguez, Joseph Szabou and Hyungsik Kim lay their precious eyes on the Land of Morning Calm, director Park Chan-Wook talks film, the poet Lee San-Ha delves into the long history of Buddhist temples, and the writer Arthur Dreyfus recounts his beautiful trip in a country steeped in strangeness. All this under the blessing of the consummate Isabelle Huppert, who confides in the author François-Henri Désérable for the introduction of an equal parts fascinating and fascinated issue.
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Chez Georges - a French...

Located at the end of rue du Mail is a typical french restaurant : Chez Georges. A art nouveau style restaurant crystalised in a timeless zone where you expect Ernest Hemingway will passed the door. Chez Georges since 1965 french cuisine is represented; Foie gras, Sole Meunière, Smoked Salmon and a wine cave wisely selected.  Between formal restaurant and typical brasserie spirit Chez Georges is a conbination of casual friendly ambiance in a traditional decorum.  A place selected by Mathieu & Remi to organise in 2016 a diner with during the fashion week.
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Holiday Magazine No. 377, - The Argentine issue

After France, Holiday magazine is devoting its pages to Argentina. While Karim Sadli, Inez and Vinoodh, Jamie Hawkesworth and Jack Davison offer pictorial studies on the austral theme, Derek Henderson retraces the British travel writer Bruce Chatwin's legendary 1970s Patagonian trek, and Bruce Weber assembles a photographic declaration of love to the land of Borges. It's a myth that is also recounted a few pages later by Nelly Kaprielian as well as the great man's own widow, Maria Kodama. Meanwhile, the writer David Fauquemberg gets on horseback to follow in the footsteps of the Argentine folk icon Atahualpa Yupanqui; François Simon dines in the country's finest restaurants and meets up with the chef Francis Mallman; Michael Rips fantasizes about his future interment in Recoleta; Bertrand Burgalat sketches musical impressions of Buenos Aires; Philippe Trétiack weighs in on architecture; and Arthur Dreyfus sits down for the long interview with the Academy Award-winning director Michel Hazanavicius. Our magazine selection is available  o nline  and at both Éditions MR  s tore locations .
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Holiday Magazine No. 376 - , The French...

After Japan,  Holiday  turns its gaze closer to home, devoting its pages to France and its aristocracy. While Karim Sadli and Annemarieke Van Drimmelen capture the spirit of castle life and the French Riviera, Olivier Kervern-whose cliché of the Château de Josselin appears on the cover–plunges into a world above time, pursuing the nobility into its most mythical and remote spaces. Alongside them, Jéromine Savignon examines the elegant company of Louise de Vilmorin, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni tells of the Proustian dandy Boni de Castellane and American writer David Dodge, in a text that first appeared in  Holiday  60 years ago, shares the fruit of his wanderings in France in the 1950s. Nelly Kaprielian, meanwhile, offers a precious and rare interview with the mysterious Jean-Jacques Schuhl, Arthur Dreyfus talks about family and cuisine with Daniel de la Falaise, François Simon writes about his favorite tables and photographer Friederike von Rauch Berliner raises her keen eye to the immortal beauty of the Silvacane Abbey. Our magazine selection is available  o nline  and at both Éditions MR  s tore locations .
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La vie à l’hôtel - at La Louisiane,...

Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir have lived there for four years. Cossery for 25, and he wrote most of his works in room 107. Who else? Boris Vian, Juliette Greco, Lucian Freud, Ernest Hemmingway, Keith Haring, Salvador Dali, Antoine de Saint Exupery... Today the place has barely changed: rundown with a rough charm, no TV and a slow internet connexion, the hotel is located rue de Seine, in the heart of Saint Germain des près.

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