Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber

Le Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber

For the sixth edition of the Cabinet de Curiosités of Thomas Erber, Éditions M.R created a unique « bathrobe » coat. The piece is featured at colette in Paris from November 23rd to December 24th 2015.


Mathieu & Rémi: The Cabinet de Curiosités is an old concept that you completely reinvented, where did the idea come from ?

Thomas Erber: In 2009, I wanted to create a new space, with international visibility, which would allow me to stay connected to the fields of explorations that I had visited in the world as a journalist. But this time, I wanted it to be in a more creative, evolutionary and federative manner. Creativity is what man holds closest to himself, especially in his imperfections, which is why markets should be kept at a safe distance, so they can’t influence creativity.

M.R.: Is mixing fashion, design, graphic art, photography and film a new approach to curation ?

T.E.: I am fortunate enough that starting from a young age, I developed a strong interest for a wide variety of things. If a person wants to participate in the Cabinet, I need to meet with them, like what they do, and verify their methods of fabrications. I traveled around the world for nearly 25 years in a quest to meet designers, chefs, photographers, musicians, and all sorts of different artists. The CDC is a way to convene my fields of interest into a central hub and also a way for me to give back a little of what musicians, writers and designers give me all my life...

M.R.: After going around the globe in London, Berlin, NY, and Bangkok, the 6th edition of the CDC is hosted at Colette, just like the first. How has it evolved? 

T.E.: Really beautifully, both in the media and creatively. Each year, an increasing amount of artists participate and internationally acclaimed press coverage continues to grow. Despite all of this, it’s still a struggle to obtain funding and to find partners. But oh well, it can’t be perfect. It’s a challenge, which I find impassioning. If not this, better just call it quits now and die with your eyes closed.