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Allegorie Art Show 2014

Allegorie Art Show 2014

“A room decorated with safes. Here everything becomes suspicious. In the projected video loop, a cheerleader tirelessly tries to escape her pursuers while bystanders watch the scene unfold. Inevitably, something has happened. On a monitor, the scenes of cops, a black cat, a dark street and an old Mercedes flash across the screen. Everything is in place, although the audience seems to hear the sound of a police siren in the distance. While the outcome seems inevitable, the camera footage is ambiguous. Information on screen overlaps as shots of rocks merged into the end of a cornice. The audience will be forced to decipher and determine whether the safes are empty or what could possibly lie inside them” – Christophe Herreros

This piece was featured at an Allegory Art Exhibit at Éditions M.R rue Madame, curated by Timothée Chaillou.

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Le sweatshirt camouflage

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