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Weisswall Art Show

Weisswall Art Show

Editions MR will host the launch of the online gallery Weisswall at 10 Bd Filles du Calvaire from the 14th to 21st of December. Created by François Rotger, Weisswall offers an original selection of authentic paintings, drawings and screen prints dating back to the golden age of international creation in Paris and Europe from 1940's through 1960's. 
"Weisswall offers a selection guided entirely by own passion, in which the Abstract is not separated from the Figurative, as I believe the two complement each other in defining the period. 
"I remain convinced - and everyday my experience in the sales rooms of Europe provides me the proof - that there remain still hundreds of unknown and under-appreciated artists out there. 
"The current craze for the Nouvelle École de Paris, for example, is simply the recognition of the incredible talents Paris and Europe had to offer, and also, beyond what nostalgia inspires in us, recognition of a real modernity ripe for rediscovery. "
François Rotger
It is in this spirit of rediscovery that the works offered by Weisswall will be presented at Editions MR, enhancing the aesthetic world of our label while placing fashion once more in the center of a wider cultural sphere.

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