Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino

Mollino was certainly one of the strangest and most fascinating multi-faceted creator of the past century. Known as an architect, he raced in the 1954' 24 Hours of the Mans  in a car of his own design, developed alpine skiing techniques and designed planes.

A number of polaroid pictures of past girlfriends, prostitutes and strippers were posthumously found in his home in Turin.

What was it that drove this man, passionate for the pursuit of beauty and eroticism, known and hated for his erratic temperament and penchant for drugs? We know of his constant obsession with death that led to a house full of fetish objects distending his eternal presence.

Both a creative genius in his era and our own, Mollino left with us the mantra to his freedom: “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.”

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