Editions MR came about from a desire to create a line of clothing for the everyday, whose singular characteristic lies in its distinctive choice of colors, volumes, and materials. With each collection we aim for simplicity and fluidity grounded in what is real, each piece serving a function, expressing a desire, reflecting a moment in time. We make clothes that are meant to be worn, worn out, handed down – owning just a few well-chosen items as a defense of a return to the essentials. 

From the very beginning, we chose to collaborate with family run suppliers as well as base our operations in Europe. This choice is reflected in what we believe is our fair pricing, which lets us create durable clothes for your wardrobe.

 Beautiful things are those we never tire of, those we hold dear. It’s the leather jacket we’ll still wear decades from now or that 1960s painting we were given after a particularly meaningful collaboration. Things that become part of who we are and to which we give meaning.


Mathieu de Ménonville