"Lords of the dorms"

Mathieu de Ménonville and Louis Wong present « Lords of the Dorms » for the 2020 Sping/Summer collection. It was inspired by the Ivy League’s aesthetic – the style of American campus and the universe of fraternity. 

The movie « Dead Poet Society » by Peter Weir is used as the main reference. The collection takes its roots from the private school uniforms : stripped pants, sport shorts with elastic waist and club stripes, nautic jackets and light parkas. We also find some references from the world of fraternities in the use of Greek letters : the Sigma evokes the E from Editions M.R. It is used on our sweats and tee-shorts using silkscreen printing.

The summery atmosphere and the american youth from the 80s portrayed by the photograph Tina Barney play an important role in the collection. They inspire neutral colors, light pink, cream and an assortment that includes short sleeve shirts with an oversized cut that are either plain or covered with large and thin retro stripes from the seventies. Shirts printed with traditional, cashmere patterns and nodes, cargo shorts with pockets and light sweater in jacquard knit or striped round up this style borrowed from the good American society.

We also have created new logos inspired from the old Parisian publishing houses and the calligraphied signs found in front of French bistrots.

These references enrich the French and classic silhouette from Editions M.R : linen pleaded high waisted pants worn with ample jackets, the light, dark and stripped traditional seersucker, the bright velvet and houndstooth pattern shirts.