To mark the upcoming release next week of Mes Jours de Gloire, Mathieu de Ménonville and Louis Wong met director Antoine de Bary and headliner Vincent Lacoste who plays a young actor having a hard time leaving his semi-successful childhood behind. They asked them a series of questions which, as a matter of fact, do not have a lot to do with the film.


Can you share an on-set anecdote related with clothing?

Actually we found the iconic piece of clothing for the film on the set! (Laughing)

(slightly embarrassed) Some of the costumes weren’t ours... We shot at Pierre Vial’s place. He’s a great theatre actor (he plays the wizard in Les Visiteurs). He owns a flat in the 12th district of Paris, a sort of cabinet of wonders where he keeps a collection of newspapers. He’s been collecting daily French newspaper Le Monde for 15 years, the place is covered in Le Monde. He’s an 85 year-old gentleman who went to stay with his son while we were shooting at his place. We were constantly using the stuff we found lying around.

He left a lot of clothing, so we borrowed this very nice bathrobe that I wear for a quarter of the film. So I’m actually wearing an old gentleman’s bathrobe!

The flat where Adrien, the main character, lives, belongs to a friend of ours, Hector, who let us use it for 4 days.
We also borrowed his clothes. We took his bathrobe too! And his flowery duvet that we used as a piece of clothing in the film.

As a matter of fact, the idea was to dress the hero with the same items during the whole film. As if he were wearing a uniform in a sense. This guy always dresses the same, with an old jacket and the same jumper he owns in every colour.


Which actor who passed away would you've liked to cast in this film?

It would have been great to have Jean Rochefort as part of the cast.

Well, I don’t know which role would have suited him.

Yes, there wouldn’t have been a role for him.

I would’ve loved to work with Philippe Noiret. Noiret would’ve been perfect as the father who’s always hanging around the flat! Or Alberto Sordi (actor from the 1950s Golden Age of Italian cinema)

Oh yes, Alberto Sordi, but we must have created an Italian character for him. The father would have become Italian!


Is there a piece of clothing you hate?

Turtlenecks seem to give me a double chin.

I do like turtlenecks, they actually hide my double chin (laughing). I’d love to be able to pull off a varsity jacket, but it keeps on riding up. And I end up wearing a crop top in a heartbeat! This should be the title of this interview: “Varsity jackets look like crop tops!

Well, now, we’d like to come back to your opinion on climate change denial (laughing)

Yes. Are you a climate sceptic Antoine?


What film have you seen at least 5 times?

Orange Mécanique or CASINO.

Boogie Nights. Oh right, Boogie Nights... And Superbad too.

I’ve seen Superbad so many times! And Sunset Boulevard I’d say. I mention Sunset Boulevard to show that I’m actually an intellectual with eclectic tastes.

And of course, I’ve seen The Green Ray about 20 times (laughing).

And Béla Tarr’s films that I watch every other day. Every time I’m feeling a bit down, I watch one.

You’ve seen his seven-and-a-half-hour film Satan’s Tango 5 times, that’s a lot...

Yes, I’ve seen at least 48 hours of Béla Tarr’s work!


In your opinion, who embodies the perfect woman on screen?

Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie!
When I was younger I thought he was Delphine Seyrig. I think she has an amazing voice. She played in Stolen Kisses.
She would feel at home here actually (the café where we met, Le Rouquet).

I had various phases. I used to be a huge fan of Julie Christie and Ingrid Bergman and all the actresses from the 1930s and 1940s. But if I had to name a French actress, I’d say Catherine Deneuve in A Matter of Resistance. Philippe Noiret is also in it. It was directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau whom I really like. It’s a very good film. Deneuve in the 1960s, Belle de Jour, La Chamade...


Which men could you say had the greatest style on screen?

Vittorio Gassman in Il sorpasso. He always looked stylish and cool.

In The Shop Around the Corner, James Stewart looks particularly smart. He wears an old, very long coat. And I love Depardieu’s tiny leather jacket in Going Places. I’ve looked for it for ages. When I was a teenager, I was really into Scarface. I thought Tony Montana was the epitome of class.

The disco shirts!

Yes! The shirt collar worn over the jacket! But I was only 13 and my collars were really small, so it was a total fail!

Vincent fancying himself as an Italian and going to school with his huge collared disco shirt!

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