Our answers to the COVID-19 pandemic

Can I still order online?

Absolutely. Yet deliveries will take more time for orders will be packed and shipped once a week, every Tuesday morning. If you place your order on Saturday, it will not be processed until the following Tuesday plus usual carrier shipping times. We accept returns beyond the containment period.

Do you still ship internationally?

We do. At the moment, goods can still transit freely across international borders. 

How to return during the containment period?

It is not necessary, it is preferable that everyone stays at home as much as possible. You can return your order up to a week after the end of containment.

Are November private sales held at your showroom maintained?

This season, they will most likely be held online in April. Ask for your invitationclient@editionsmr.fr

Is your customer service still active?

Absolutely and we will be happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to contact us. 


I am not receiving your invitations, why?

Have you thought about subscribing to our newsletter? You can do so at the bottom of every page of our website. If you have already done it think about checking your spam boxStill nothingWrite to usclient@editionsmr.fr 

I heard about « press sales », what is it and how can I be invited?

There are always some pieces left at the end of a sale, along the prototypes used for Fashion Week and pressAs we are never destroying any unsold item, we are organising “press sales” in our office (in Paris’ first district) twice a year, and it is the right time to make a (great) purchase. Ask for your invitationclient@editionsmr.fr 

Our products

How are organised Editions MR’s collections?

We create two main collections per year (Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter) to which micro collections, or "capsule collection", are added as well as an essential and timeless wardrobe never priced down and availed all year. 

Where is the clothing made?

We have always maintained a triple requirement on our clothing quality, accessibility and proximity of manufacturing: only European made, essentially in France, Italy, Portugal and Romania. We only produce in human-scale factories, often independent and familialy owned,  which we visit every season. We do the quality check ourselves. 

Can I have an item of clothing altered?

Of course! You can have the alteration made directly by your tailor, but for more complex ones (like an alteration through a jacket’s upper sleeve) we advise you to send it to us. If you are in Paris, we advise you to come to our shop so that we can directly take the measurements for the alteration. Prices are as follows: 


Hem: 10€ 

Size alteration: 15€ 

Leg fuselage: 15€ 
Alteration by bottom sleeve: 25€ 

Alteration by upper sleeve: 50€ 
Bending: 20€ 

I have a doubt on an item care routine, what should I do?

We are doing everything to simplify your everyday life by selecting, as much as possible, materials washable by washing-machine. Unfortunately, it is impossible for certain items, such as leather ones. To know if an item can be washed in a washing-machine, take a glance at the composition label. Our team is entirely at your service for more precise questions: client@editionsmr.frWe are doing everything we can to answer you during the day. 

Why are some items not priced down?

It is our permanent collection, composed of classical items that we are never getting tired of and that we wish to be available all year long. Those items are no longer part of our seasonal collection, and therefore never priced down.  

What about the environnemental impact?

The first thing we are doing to limit the impact of clothing consumption on the environment is to create timeless items, given their style and quality. Then we choose local manufacturers and a grouping of all transport productions. We are working as much as possible with materials that don’t necessitate too much water consumption in their making. 

Everything to know before ordering 

Are all available sizes also online?

Yes! Available stocks on our e-shop are the sum of two stocks: the one from our shop and the one we are storing in our warehouse near Paris (the shop’s storing space being limited). The items available at our shop are therefore automatically available on our e-shop.  

How to know if an item is available at the shop?

To avoid unnecessary travel for you, we have inserted an Availability button in the product sheets so that you will be able to know all available sizes 

How to know my size?

We are giving you as much information as possible. The most important are the measurements that you will find in our Size Guide. We advise you to measure an item you already have and to compare. Then, you can refer to photos of the item worn to get a better understanding of its size. It happens for some items to size a bit larger or smaller than expected: we notify you on the product sheet. Still uncertain? Contact usclient@editionsmr.fr. 

Is it possible to find your products elsewhere than Paris?

Of course! You can find our products in London, Berlin, New-York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, but also in Lyon, Bordeaux or Toulouse. We are working with independent concept-stores and department stores that offer a selection of Edition MR’ products each season.  

I would like to offer a gift card to a friend, how do I proceed?

For the moment gift cards are not available online, they will be soon! 

From where is my order shipped?

We are stocking our products in two places: at our shop and in our warehouse near Paris (the shop’s storage being limited). Items may come from either one or the other stock. 

How will my order be packed?

As if you had come to our shop! Items are packed with care in a silk paper, then placed in our blue Editions MR’s shopping bags. The whole package is put inside a box made of eco-friendly cardboard to be protected during transportation. 

Deliveries and taxes  

Delivery to France

Deliveries in France are free (except for magazines, cognac, books and other products from the bookshop) and made by Colissimo delivery service. You will be able to choose to get delivered directly at home, at a Pick-up and Go location or take the opportunity to come and visit us while you collect your order with a store withdrawal option (in Paris at the 10th Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire). 

Delivery to Europe

Deliveries in Europe are free for orders over 300 and made by DHL delivery service. You will be able to choose to get delivered directly at home or at a Pick-up and Go location. For orders bellow this amount we propose a 12€ delivery.

Delivery to International

In addition to Europe, deliveries are made in the following countries: Canada, China, Korea, Japan, United-States, United Kingdom and many more. Delivery cost to those countries are free for orders over 300. Warning: when you are ordering from one of those countries, we announce tax-free prices (a saving of 20% of VAT). However, some countries can impose importation taxes. They would then be reclaimed to you upon the order delivery by the transporter. For orders bellow this amount we propose a 20€ delivery.  

I live abroad, will I pay importation taxes?

It depends of the country. Outside of Europe you only pay a price VAT free (a saving of 20%). However, some countries impose importation taxes, that will be claimed upon delivery by the transporter. Those taxes depend of the products’ categories and the composition of the materials. In general importation taxes represent 10% to 20% of the amount of your order. 

Why are the prices different depending on which country I log in?

Orders outside of European Union are not subject to VAT. However, some countries impose importation taxes. 

What are the usual delivery times?

Usually, deliveries are sent within 48h. It then takes 2 to 4 days for deliveries in France, 2 to 6 days for International deliveries. Those delivery times may be extended during sales periods.

I would like to get delivered in two hours, with a red and green gift paper, is it possible?

You never know! Apart from the usual operating, we thrive to answer your demands in the best way possible. Do not hesitate to request from usclient@editionsmr.fr or call us at the store with following number +33(0)1 48 04 06 08.  

Exchanges, returns and refunds 

What is the return process for France?

Nothing easier! If an item does not meet your expectations, you can return it to us free of charge within a 14 day delay: you just have to log in your Client Space and signal in the heading My Purchases the item you wish to return by selecting the order. Upon validation of the return you will be able to paste the return voucher you received with your order to the parcel. You will be refunded within the 10 day delay following receival of the return. 

What is the return process for Europe (outside France)?

If an item does not meet your expectations, you will be able to return it to us free of charge within a 14 day delay after receival of your parcel: log in your Client Space and signal it to us in the heading My Purchase by selecting the order. Upon validation of the return, we will contact you via email within 24h to provide you your prepaid return voucher. You then will be able to contact the DHL Customer Service of your country to ask for pick-up of the parcel wherever you want, whenever you want.  

What is the return process for International (outside Europe)?

If an item does not meet your expectations, you will be able to return it to us within a 14 day delay after receival of your parcel: log in your Client Space and signal it to us in the heading My Purchase by selecting the order. Upon validation of the return, we will contact you via email within 24h to provide you the return address for the parcel. The return cost are with your load.

What is the exchange process?

  1. The size is not suitable 

You can exchange your item for a different sizing:  write to us at client@editionsmr.fr and we will inform you on the exchange processrest assured it is very easy. 


  1. I wish to exchange for another product 

You just have to ask a return for a credit by contacting us at client@editionsmr.fr we will credit you a credit usable in store and online. 

There is no return voucher in my parcel?

In most cases the return vouchers are attached to the parcelIf your parcel does not contain any, write to us at client@editionsmr.fr and we will send the return voucher to you via email. 


How to pay with a credit?

Nothing easier! Do your shopping then head to your Shopping Cartright under your items you will be able to write your credit’s code. 

I have a store credit; can I use it online and vice-versa?

If you have a store credit, it is automatically linked to your account our website. Log in and head to My Accountthere you will find your credit usable online. 

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For checkout we accept many payment methodsVisa, Mastercard, Debit Card, as well as Paypal. 

If you do not reside in Europe and use a different currency than the euro we are using the Ayden module that will allow the transition at no cost, so enjoy! 

My payment is declined, why and what to do?

Indeed, it may happen without us understanding why. A payment is an imperfect dialogue between your credit card and our system: it is for sellers the necessity to avoid frauds, and every system has a set of criteria that is not perfect. To avoid as much as possible those unjustified refusals, we have entrusted our payments to Ayden, and we multiply the possible payment methods. Did you try Paypal? If the problem remains, you can always call us at the store and try a payment “distance selling” at the following number 01 48 04 06 08. 

How do payments work? Are they secured?

Of course! Your payment first arrives at our provider Ayden who then transfer it to us. You may have not notice it, but you probably already have paid via Ayden using Uber, Netflix or Spotify for example. It allows us to o ffer you personalised payment methods depending on your country, and always with the best latest security technology.  


Press and partnership

For press demands, please write at lmarongiu@lucienpages.com and for the communication department write to nathan@editionsmr.fr