• Alpaca

    Animal fiber from the eponym camel-like animal, native from the Andes mountains of South America. It is often mixed with other fibers and woven randomly. Like Wool, Alpaca is naturraly warm fabric. Lightweight and softer than wool, it's also an elasic fabrics for more confort. 

    Brian de Graft (Germany, 1988) is a self-taught artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    From is "Add Yellow" Serie, The artist is questioning ownership and non personification by pasting a yellow piece on artworks. 

    « Because most collages are made using other people’s work, artists are often confronted with questions like “is it ok for me to simply use this?” and “how much do I need to change before it ceases to be someone else’s and becomes my own?” This also gives collage a certain reputation. That’s why my series is it mine if I add some yellow? addresses the subject of art and ownership directly, in an in-your-face sort of way. If I alter someone else’s creation by simply adding a piece of yellow paper, whose is it? And does this even matter?» 
    (Metal Magazine, inteview by Sanne Nooitgedagt)

  • Cable Knitting

    Cable Knitting

    A knitting technique taht changes the order of stitches every other row. The crossing of the forward stitches tends to tighten the knitting, rendering it less elastic and more dense. 

  • Carrot Pants

    Pleated pants characterized by a loose fit around the thighs that progressively pulls in towards the calves.
  • Cashmere


    Cashmere comes from goats raised in the Kashmir region near the Himalayas, where  up to15 different species are found. They possess a thick coat that protects them against the cold in a place where temperatures fall as low as -40°C. However, cashmere is not necessarily finer than other wool, and its quality depends on the raw material used: the longer the yarn that can be made from 1gr of cashmere, the more fine and silken it is. 

  • Cotton Piqué

    A textured fabric, usually in white for shirts. Its texture is due to a difference in tension between the weft and trame yarns, giving it a slightly coarser feel and a more textured aspect than found in traditional cottons

  • Dali & The Lobster

    Dali & The Lobster
    «I had never understand why in restaurant when i order a grilled lobster ,they never served me a cooked phone»
    Salvador Dali (1904-1989)

    Surrealist artist and found off incongruous association; Dali used lobsters in his artworks such as the lobster-phone (also called aphrodisiac phone), exhibiting an imposing crustacean in place of the traditional phone. This fantasy pop-up in the artist's imagination during a visit at Edward James's house in 1936. An object of curiosity that inspired our collection.
  • Denim


    Denim (from the french "de Nîmes" - meaning from Nîmes, a french city)  
    A sturdy cloth made from cotton in twill weave whose warp thread is traditionally died blue and whose weft thread is unbleached or white. It is used principally in the making of jeans. 

  • French Collared Shirt

    A classic dress shirt in cotton poplin, featuring no pockets and a classic collar shape supported by stays, it is the suit shirt par excellence

  • Half-Canvassed Jacket

    Half-Canvassed Jacket

    Traditionally, men’s jackets were structured by a canvas layer (usually made of horsehair) sewn in by hand to the wool shell. Industrial jackets subsequently replaced the layer with a fusible interlining heat-pressed to the shell. Half-canvased jackets represent a combination of the two techniques: a layer of fusible interlining lines the front of the jacket and the shoulders, while a canvas layer is reserved for the chest and lapels (allowing for a more natural and fluid curve in the lapel than the fused interlining)

  • Holiday X Éditions M.R Sailor Sweater

    Holiday X Éditions M.R Sailor Sweater

    Born out of a collaboration between Editions MR and the hedonist travelers’ magazine, these marinières revisit a staple of classic French garb with an out-to-sea spirit. Marked by their high quality craftsmanship, unisex lines and soft knit in dominant blue or ecru, these Parisian pieces come from Italy but arrive straight at the essence: the timeless elegance of the French seaside come to town and the sweetness of easy living. For with these stripes come memories: those of holidays gone by and, above all, those of ones still to come. 


    Iconic piece in Éditions MR wardrobe, inspired by homewear. Off Large volume coat, it falls below the knees. Wearing it barefoot in slippers or in winter with a pair of fur boots.
  • Intarsia


    A technique consisting of knitting together individual knitted pieces of single color yarn (each colored piece comes forma different yarn) to create a pattern or a drawing in the knit. 

  • Jacket Lapels

    A jacket lapel has two parts : the collar piece around the neck and the lapel down the front. The lapel’s shape in relation to the collar determines the suit’s style. There are three primary types of jacket lapels; the notched lapel (the most classic type in a V-shape), the peaked lapel (generally associated with double-breasted jackets) and the shawl collar (often seen in smoking jackets).
  • Jacquard


    A knitting technique in which each stitch is composed of several different colors (usually anywhere from 2 - 4 colors).

  • Large Trousers

    Large Trousers
    Oversized straight-legged pants with a double pleat in front, a low crotch, and drawstraps at the side of the waist. The waistband is fixed in the inside with a revealed stitch on the outside.
  • Le coq Sportif X Éditions M.R

    Le coq Sportif X Éditions M.R

    It is our pleasure to announce our collaboration with Le Coq Sportif. The label’s history and craftsmanship fueled our desire to work together in developping our sneakers. For Le Coq Sportif, it represented the opportunity to inaugurate their Made in France line.

    We had the opportunity to access the archives of Le Coq Sportif in order to reinvent their iconic LCS Turbostyle whose first prototype was made in 1981. This new edition is offered in two colors choices, both in leather and suede, and discretely signed by an embossed MR on the back. 

  • Made-to-Measure


    Made-to-measure wear is designed around fixed sizing blocks and then customized to the client’s own measurements. It is different from bespoke tailoring, which requires a specific sizing for each client (a process costly in both time and money).

  • Marinière


    Sailor suit piece which was, originally, a simple navy an white shirt with a boat neck. The french navy then added the knit shirt of blue and white stripes to its salor uniforms.

    Icons such as Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Brigitte Bardot launched this navy style putting this white and blue striped shirt as an indispensable piece of the mens and womens wardrobe.

  • Merinos

    Merino is the name of a Spanish breed of sheep. By extension, the word designates its wool, internationally renowned for its fine feel and softness.
  • Nappa Leather

    Goat, sheep or calf skin that is dyed and then applied with a protective treatment. It is characterized by its suppleness and its resistance to sun and weathering.
  • Raglan Sleeve

    The Raglan sleeve takes its name from Lord Raglan, who is said to have lost an arm in battle. Wider than a set-in sleeve, it reaches all the way to the collar and makes for a more relaxed style. This type of sleeve is generally seen in coats. We have created our own hybrid Raglan, with a set-in sleeve in front and a Raglan sleeve in back (requiring, therefore, only a single seam over half the shoulder). 

  • Saint Germain Shirt

    A classic casual shirt with a soft turndown collar, no breast pocket and buttoned cuffs.

  • Shearling

    Often used in aviator jackets, shearling is sheepskin tanned with the wool left on. 

  • Suede

    Generally made from the hide of cows, deer, or pig, suede is made from the underside of the skin and sanded for an especially soft and velvety texture.

    Short-sleeved travel shirt with a slightly flared collar and looser fit.


    A tuxedo (named after Tuxedo Park, NY and frequently shortened to ‘tux’), or dinner jacket,consists of a ventless suit jacket with a peaked lapel or shawl collar. The lapel is covered in silk, and a satin stripe runs the length of the pants. It is worn with a bow-tie and pleated shirt with a turndown collar (never with a wing-collar !)

  • Velvet

    Short-haired fabric whose outer threads are shaved on the other side. Corduroy is a form of velvet.

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